Level 2: Transform

  • Are you ready to take new actions?
  • Do you deserve better outcomes than your current life is presenting?
  • Are ready to stir the soup and let the unconscious unproductive patterns come to the top for review?
  • Is it time to create a better quality of life with different thoughts, behaviors, perceptions and structures?
Transform the structure of your body/mind and the transformation follows.

As you reclaim your personal power and take new actions, tremendous energy becomes available and your contribution to yourself, your family, your community and the world will grow.

During this part of care your system will have the opportunity and training to learn the strategy of the somatopsychic wave and oscillation. This wave liberates the bound energy (stored from stressors; physical, emotional and chemical) and drives the energy to the nexus point of energy and matter. This point is known as a gateway, and is where energy reorganizes to a higher more efficient expression. This phenomena is called oscillation. In the presence of oscillation people report an overall sense of wellness. In a study done at the University of CA, Irvine 76% of the participants reported improved quality of life including eating habits, exercise habits, relationships and jobs.

  • $45 for re -evaluation
  • $240 2X/wk for 4 wks
  • $144 1x/wk for 4 wks
  • $40/ session



Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of ‘body’ work in our time; the leading edge of Body-Mind-Spirit integration. This work will transform the planet.

Candace Pert Ph.D.
Professor of Research, Georgetown University Author of Molecules of Emotion

Network Care has a direct effect on client self-reported wellness which is TWICE that expected from healthy lifestyle practices (exercise, risk avoidance, optimal food choices).

Ralph Boone Ph.D.
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology University of California Irvine

After only 11 months with A Garden of Wellness my life has changed for the better in every area. Not only have health, finances, relationships, and heart's desires improved, but I have a deeper sense of peace and clarity. I introduced my family to this care. My child complained of a belly ache every night for 5 years. On her first visit with Deana she was able to diagnose, treated and within days no more complaints. The list of benefits is very long for us now! A Garden of Wellness, as our partner in care, has given me a relief that I can care for my family and myself in ways that make sense, are safe, and facilitate well-being beyond what I could have expected!

Celena Iam